Do you love to travel & write?

We’re looking for travel stories that go beyond a diary entry and give our readers the inspiration to go explore the world. We love the kind of stories that reveal a little bit about you and where you’ve been at the same time. Great travel stories do more than just recap where you went and what you did, they get into some reflection on what it all means.

We’re especially interested in those elements of hostelling and budget travel that make travel so great — meeting people, getting outside of your comfort zone, learning something about yourself or how the world works, making lifelong memories or just figuring out how to pack a backpack. We’re always on the lookout for humour and brilliant insight!

Spoilers, please!

Use the Submittable button below to send us a detailed pitch — tell us what your story is about, what readers can take away from it, what kind of photos or video you can provide and a bit about you and where else your work has appeared (including links). And we’re not like the rest of the internet: we love spoilers! Tell us what happens or what the takeaway is at the crux of your story – without that it’s hard for our editors to get a sense of how great your story might be.

Unfortunately, we can’t accept stories that have appeared elsewhere online or in print. If you have an idea that may come from a trip you haven’t taken yet, feel free to let us know but we won’t commission a story until the trip is complete and you have a better idea of what you can provide.

Payment varies but does exist. While we strive to respond to everyone, if you don’t hear from us in two weeks, feel free to pitch your story idea elsewhere or send us another idea.

Feature travel stories:

We run three types of features. 1. First-person travel stories with a good narrative arc (much more than just a few pages ripped from your travel diary). 2. Reported (through research and interviews) stories about amazing people and youth budget travel trends. 3. Reflective essays about why we travel, based on real experiences. These run about 1,000 to 2,500 words. Please let us know about the availability of photos and/or video.

That Moment:

You know those moments in a trip when you suddenly realize, yep, you’ve been bitten by the travel bug? One of those moments where you step back and realize how gosh-dang lucky you are to be right where you are? We want to hear about that moment in 300 to 600 words with loads of detail and with a stunning original photo (at least 1700 px wide) that captures that moment. Take us there and tell us what it was all about. Please include details about your photo in your pitch.

How’d You Do That?

Have you travelled in a unique way or pulled off the kind of trip that all your friends are amazed by? Do you know someone who has? We can’t pay subjects of these Q+As, but if you have someone in mind and would like to interview them and compile a Q+A, we pay writers of these articles.

Tech, gear and health

Got a new take on gadgets, gear or health that will help our readers travel better? We like looking at things in a brand new way with a combination of personal experiences and practical advice that others can learn from. These stories run about 400 to 1000 words.

Blog Posts

TERN blog posts are our shorter and snappier articles that we publish regularly between issues of TERN magazine. While TERN’s magazine content is typically longer-form travel stories, blog posts offer up more practical advice for budget travellers and hostellers. These articles are about 150-750 words and fall into a few categories:

O Canada: Articles on travel in Canada—how-tos, itineraries, trip reports, etc.
‘Round the World: Articles about travelling around the world—how-tos, itineraries, new destinations and things to do, trip reports, etc.
Toolbox: Travel tips and tricks including new trends, new gear and gadgets, how-tos (not relating to one destination), practical travel advice and more.
HI Fives: Listicles about all things budget travel. These aren’t limited to five items. The more offbeat and creative these are, the better!

Want to be a featured member?

We regularly feature HI members in our Members’ Kitchen. If you’re a current member and have an interesting hostelling story to share, get in touch and tell us a bit about yourself and your story. We give each member we feature a free night in a HI hostel of their choice in Canada .


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