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TERN is a magazine for travellers, by travellers. We’re all about making the most of your adventures on this planet — whether they last for a weekend or the rest of your life. We can tell you about where you should go next, but we’d rather share stories from our fellow travellers about the fun and the freedom of budget travel. Right now our online magazine publishes new features and articles quarterly, but you’ll always find new blog posts here in between.

Tern - Mag

Why Tern?

We’ve named ourselves after a tiny but mighty sea bird — the Arctic tern. Of all the creatures that call this planet home, these little four-ounce birds see the most of it. Each year, they migrate from one end of the world to the other — the Arctic to the Antarctic — and back again. It turns out they prefer the scenic route, too, spending a month in the North Atlantic on the way down and swinging by Africa and South America on the way home.

Scientists don’t really know why the Arctic tern travels so far and wide. Some think it’s because they’re following wind patterns. We think it’s because they know — like we know — that there’s just so much to see on this planet of ours, why not try to see as much of it as you can. Wherever the wind blows you… go.

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2 jours entre nature et modernité à Vancouver via @NomadeMag https://t.co/sdIbSjEhYV https://t.co/dl1NhUgVTb @hostelscanada

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